Aprende inglés con Rami Malek / Imitación discurso Globos de Oro / 2019

Explicamos y desmenuzamos el discurso de Rami Malek en los Globos de Oro. Te ensañamos a pronunciar como él.

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“Oh, my God. Oh, I am beyond moved. I am beyond moved.

ah..My heart is pounding out of my chest right now.

–This is — a (ei) profound honor to receive this, ah–and to be counted amongst —such extraordinary actors. — I’m privileged to be counted among you, –truly —. And (get) to be in the room with all of you.

Thank you to the Hollywood foreign press association for this incredible recognition.

ah..I have to thank,— everyone who worked so tirelessly – to make this film what it is. And, – in the process gave me this – incredible family. This ensemble of actors wherever the hell you are right now, celebrating, I am gonna tackle you in a moment. I’m going to jump all over you guys.

And of course to Queen. —-To you – Brian May, to you – Roger Taylor, –for ensuring — that authenticity – and inclusivity – exist in the music – and in the world – and in all of us.

Thank you to Freddy Mercury, – for giving me the joy – of a lifetime. I love you you beautiful man, – this is for – and because of you gorgeous.

Esperamos que os guste este vídeo y consigáis mejorar la pronunciación como hicimos nosotros.

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