Just vs Only: ¿Los diferencias?

Hoy explicamos la diferencia entre estas dos palabras que no solemos distinguir.

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Realmente Just y Only son intercambiables cuando actúan como el adverbio únicamente o simplemente:

-He’s just a kid.
-He’s only a kid.


Como adjetivo:

A just law
A just punishment

Como reciente:

I’ve just seen her on the street.
They’ve just finished.

Como solo solamente:

He has just one option.
He’s just a kid
I’m just calling to wish you luck.
I’ll just be here for a minute

Como exactamente:

He’s just like is father
She called me just when I was leaving.


Como único:

He’s the only boy in the class.
You are the only one.
The one and only

Como solamente:

It’s only a matter of money.
I only want to tell you what happened.

If only you had told me the truth.

Not only was it raining all day, but also it was very windy.

Ambos como solamente o simplemente

I’m just / only here to help you.
It’s just / only a little problem.
I just / only wanted to way hello
I just / only need a minute

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